Letting go: the ecstasy of surrender

Check out this great video reminds me of mindfulness practice of staying in the moment.

Everything Matters

“Trust the moment. It might not be what you thought, but it is what is.”

Surrender is another way of saying accepting what is in this moment since there isn’t much you can do with most of it. I have a collection of posts that consider this idea and practice here on Beyond Meds.

I really like and resonate strongly with the concept of surrender. I’d say it’s one of my central practices now. I find the description in the above video a bit lacking but I’m also not coming up with a better way to talk about it right now so it’s all I’m going to share right now.

I’m also going to cut and paste a short post I wrote in May of this year again too, because the idea of surrender has become critical. The healing process from the iatrogenic injury is so often so…

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